Take a Mental Break

Take a Mental Break

January 06, 2022

Sometimes we get so caught up taking care of our work, family, and friends that we forget to take care of ourselves. By taking daily mental breaks, you will perform better mentally and physically in your daily responsibilities by taking more responsibility of your self-care.

If you have trouble giving yourself the down time you deserve, try and follow the following tips.

Deep Breathing/ Stretching

Taking a few minutes out of each day to practice this relaxes your body from all of your day to day distractions. While stretching will help the aches and pains that goes along with working a desk job, breathing will help calm down your nervous system. When you are stressed and anxious your mind can be triggered into thinking something bad is happening, ultimately making you much more uncomfortable and feeling much worse. Taking a few minutes to correct these frustrations and pains will make you feel better and probably be more productive because of it.


Write down something positive or something you are happy about in your life. Taking a few moments to keep your mind geared on something that you genuinely enjoy is a healthy reminder to keep a glass half full mentality

Listen to music

Take a few minutes every day to listen to a few new songs and make a playlist to listen to and unwind and let your mind relax. This way you always have something new and enjoyable to listen to.

Go for a run or a walk

If you work at a desk, (I feel this is especially important) being idle for too long causes lack of blood flow. Get up and get your blood pumping. People often use the excuse “I’m too tired” to run or go for a walk, when really the best cure for your sleepiness is to get up and go! The days where I am my most tired and I motivate myself to run anyway, are when I feel my best and feel accomplished afterwards.

Eat or make a well-balanced meal

Cooking can be very therapeutic and a fun hobby, while also fueling your body. We often skip meals, causing us to lack nutrients to keep up alert and ready to take on the rest of our day.

Get off your phone

In this day in age, if you take a look at a break room, most people are looking down– and not a very beneficial break because your mind is scrolling through emails, various articles, that has your mind running in all different directions and thoughts. Put your phone away. Limit yourself to a certain amount of time of screen time daily.

Don’t forget to unwind when your body is feeling rundown. Reward yourself for working shard by allowing your body to recharge itself!


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